Workshop on “Resume Writing and How to Face an Interview”

PCER > Enrichment Program 2013-14 > Workshop on “Resume Writing and How to Face an Interview”

Conducted by
Ms. Swasti Dhar

The purpose for writing a resume is to manage to get that elusive interview call. Out of the hundreds of applications that a school or college gets, what is that one quality that makes one application stand out and not another? The answer is a crisp, well prepared and a professional looking resume. The workshop on How to write a Resume by Ms. Swasti Dhar -Asst Professor, PCER Chembur highlighted

  • What a professional CV looks like
  • What it should include
  • What it must never include (grammatical errors/ spelling mistakes/ typos etc)
  • The steps that one must go through to prepare one
  • How one applies to the institute where one wishes to work

Managing to get the interview call is only the first stage. Once the interview call comes through, how should a teacher prepare to face it? This aspect was taken up by Ms. Jaya Cherian, Asst. Professor, PCER Chembur in `How to face an Interview’ What one should do and how one can prepare oneself is an ongoing process and the resource person spoke of the various conditions one faces in the:

  • Pre-interview stage
  • Interview stage and the
  • Post-interview stage

Giving Demonstration (Demo) lessons is also a major aspect which teachers have to be prepared for and the intricacies of giving a Demo lesson were also taken up. The workshop ended with an interactive question answer session with the students where they were free to ask questions in order to clear their doubts, if any.