Vision and Objectives

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Alumni Association of Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur is a platform that focus on enhancing teaching competencies among students. It serves as a platform to bridge the gap of student – alumni interaction driven by the ideals and values that shall ensure the upliftment of both present and future alumnus with support to build a social, emotional and technical aspect that fosters teaching learning experience.

Alumni Committee

Name of the MembersDesignation
Dr. Reni FrancisPresident
Dr. Sunita JainSecretary
Ms. Geeta MenonMember
Ms. Sharda SharmaMember
Ms. Mamta PatilMember
Ms. Jayashree VenugopalMember
Mr. Gaurav ShindeMember


  • To connect the existing alumnus with the students
  • To promote exchange of academic, cultural, social experience with the students.
  • To mentor and channelize the efforts of the students seeking better opportunities to learn and grow.
  • To promote a goodwill and sense of pride to both alumni and students.
  • To advice and conduct activities that shall motivate and upgrade student skill sets.
  • To associate with the institution in planning and execution of alumni event.


  • E – Encourage alumni support to the College through volunteering and financial support.
  • M- Motivate and provide programs and opportunities that connect alumni to each other and to the College.
  • P- Promote awareness of alumni achievements and accomplishments among all alumni, students, faculty and staff.
  • O- Opportunity in providing educational experiences in enhancing the knowledge base of students and alumni.
  • W- Work cooperatively with the College in fulfilling its mission through educational, social, cultural and technical skills.
  • E- Endeavor to support the efforts of the College to be a diverse community.
  • R- Recognize the alumni contribution through a diverse skill set of talents, skills and abilities, which should be acknowledged and engaged to benefit the College, the Association and one another.