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August 2023June 2023

Harith Vidhyala (Green Campus) is a step by PCER, Chembur towards environmental friendly practices and education thus focussing on sustainable development goals. Through Harith Vidhyala, PCER focuses on three vital aspects:

  • Vrikshgyaan
  • Vrikshkaam
  • Vrikshdyaan

Vrikshgyaan aims at providing knowledge and understanding about tree plantation, conserving and preserving our nature.

Vrikshkaam aims at taking steps towards enhancing our surrounding, action towards greener society.

Vrikshdyaan aims at taking care of the nature and its surroundings.

Initiatives undertaken through Harith Vidhyalaya


  • VENTEL activities
  • Publication – books and articles
  • Value added course
  • Expert Talk and Sessions
  • Focus on SDG 13, 14,15
  • Swaachta Action Plan Cell formed


  • Green Audit
  • Tree plantation drive
  • Eco-friendly products – bags, pens etc
  • Session for school students on 3R’s – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
  • Collaboration with NGO
  • Swachtta Action Plan Activities – Certificate from MGNCRE


  • Tree plantation and conservation
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Competition – slogan, poster, collage
  • Green Audit
  • Green Ambassador
  • Green Pledge
  • Swachtta Action Plan Activities – Certificate from MGNCRE