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Admission Committee

ChairpersonDr. Reni Francis
Teaching RepresentativeDr. Jaya Cherian
Non Teaching RepresentativeMs. Dharti Latke
Objectives of the Admission Committee

  • To align the admission process with the university rules and regulations.
  • To streamline the admission activities so as to ensure the smooth and effective progress of the admission process.
  • To notify the seats available, Fee structure, commencement of admission and the last date.
  • To guide and counsel the candidates seeking admission in selection of methods of teaching.
  • To orient the candidates about the B.Ed. Common Entrance Test.

Activities conducted by the Admission Committee

  • CET orientation workshop.
  • Updating the website on a regular basis.
  • Verifying the previous prospectus and updating.
  • Round wise display of students list.
  • Giving proper suggestions in case of change of combination / subject.

Research Cell

ConvenerDr. Reni Francis
Teachers-in-chargeDr. Sharda Sharma
Mr. Rajendra Deshmukh
Objectives of Research Cell

  • To create zeal amongst teacher-educators and student teachers towards research and innovation.
  • To ensure smooth functioning and effective management of research & development at the institution.
  • To identify potential projects / sources of funds and encourage faculty members to avail the same.
  • To establish collaboration with other universities, research centres and other educational institutions.

Activities conducted by Research Cell

  • Research Methodology workshop.
  • Encouraging staff members to take up minor & major research projects.
  • Action research projects
  • Providing assistance in statistical analysis of data.
  • Encouraging staff members to participate and present papers in national and international seminars / conferences.
  • Encouraging staff members to publish papers in national and international journals.

Alumni Committee

ChairpersonDr. Reni Francis
Vice ChairpersonDr. Jaya Cherian
SecretaryMs. Surekha C.
TreasurerMs. Jayashree Venugopal
Committee MembersMs. Vasundhara Kaul
Ms. Nanda Deshmukh
Objectives of the Alumni Committee

  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the present students of PCER – Chembur
  • To encourage the Alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and progress of the Institute so as to contribute towards enhancement of the social utility of their Alma Mater.
  • To encourage academic excellence through the Institution of awards and felicitations for outstanding academic performance.
  • To promote research mindedness among the stakeholders of Mahatma Education Society’s Chembur Campus, through the activities of the ICBN Centre.

Activities conducted by the Alumni Committee

  • Conducting of demo lessons by Alumni.
  • Organising workshops, symposia etc..
  • Workshops for training of teachers.
  • Interface with practice teaching schools.
  • Holding annual alumni meet.
  • Contribution to dawn magazine.
  • Conducting activities under the ICBN centre in collaboration with PCER, Chembur.
  • Enriching the college library through donation of books.

Library Committee

PresidentDr. Reni Francis
MembersMs. Parveen Arif
Dr. Sharda Sharma
Student Representatives
Objectives of Library Committee

  • To create an intellectual environment
  • To promote ideas to utilize library resources to its optimum level
  • To provide for proper organisation and functioning of the library, documentation services and updating the stock of books.
  • To provide computer access to students

Activities conducted by the Library Committee are

  • Encourage students to use the library resources
  • Keeping student teachers informed about the total reading hours completed in library.
  • Providing computer and internet facility to students.
  • Book bank facility.
  • Supervising compulsory library hours to be completed by each student.

Discipline Committee

ConvenerDr. Reni Francis
Teachers-in-chargeDr. Sharda Sharma
Ms. Diandra Pinto
Student Representatives

Objectives of Discipline Committee

  1. To set the standards of discipline expected from students and teachers of PCER.
  2. To familiarize the students and the teachers with the set standards and the rules for discipline.
  3. To frame guidelines / rules to be followed with respect to
    • Classroom / Staffroom conduct
    • Attendance and Punctuality
    • Dress code
    • Leave taking
    • General conduct in and out of college premises
  4. To ensure smooth and effective functioning of the college activities

Placement Cell

ConvenerDr. Reni Francis
Teachers-in-chargeMs. Achala Bhor
Ms. Surekha C.
Objectives of Placement Cell Committee

  • To provide opportunities to student-teachers for career progression and job opportunities.
  • To organize expert talks and guest lectures.
  • To organize campus interviews.

Activities conducted by the Placement Cell Committee are

  • Organizing guest lectures on topics such as ‘Personality Development’, ‘Communication Skills’, ‘Preparing for Interviews’, ‘Preparing Resume’, etc.
  • Invite and organize for campus interviews.
  • Informing students about short listing details received from schools / colleges / NGOs.
  • Giving guidance to students for demo lessons to be given in schools / colleges / NGOs.

Students Council and Co-curricular Activities Committee

PresidentDr. Reni Francis
Teachers-in-chargeMs. Achala Bhor
Ms. Diandra Pinto
Student Representatives

Objectives of the Students Council and CCA Committee

  • To have student representation in the functioning of college.
  • To maintain discipline in the classes.
  • To provide a mechanism to address grievances.
  • To conduct activities of the B.Ed. program smoothly.
  • To identify the talents in the student teachers.
  • To develop a sense of appreciation for Cultural activities in the student teachers.
  • To develop aesthetic sense in the student-teachers.
  • To develop team spirit and co-operative learning amongst the student teachers.

Activities conducted by the Students Council and CCA Committee are

  • Regular meetings.
  • Giving instructions in the classes.
  • Conducting academic, sports and cultural activities smoothly.
  • To address the grievances of students to tutorial group teacher, Principal and higher authorities.
  • Organize cultural events in co-ordination with different tutorial groups.
  • Celebrate days such as ‘Gandhi Jayanti’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘Teacher’s Day’, ‘Hindi Divas’ etc.
  • Organize events, competitions at college level & inter collegiate event ‘Valuer’.
  • Organize programs for ‘Diwali Celebrations’, ‘Alumni Meet’, ‘Christmas Celebrations’, etc.

Examination and Internal Assessment Committee

PresidentDr. Reni Francis
Teachers-in-chargeDr. Jaya Cherian
Ms. Diandra Pinto

Objectives of the Examination and Internal Assessment Committee

  • To ensure high standard of quality of conducting examinations.
  • To oversee and review the formative and summative exams.
  • To deal with matters relating to the B.Ed. examination.
  • To conduct internal assessment and external assessment examination related to B.Ed as per University notifications and ordinance.
  • To ensure that the internal assessment practice is fair, transparent and in harmony with the standards of the University of Mumbai.

The activities held by the Examination and Internal Assessment Committee are

  • Designing proper exam profiles.
  • Reviewing all examination papers of B.Ed and ensuring that set guidelines have been followed and uniformity has been observed as per the rules and regulations.
  • Setting various exams in order to assess learning outcomes
  • Scheduling of the exam, the reservation of exam halls, assigning exam invigilators along with other complementary tasks and duties.
  • Distributing exam forms of the University of Mumbai to B.Ed. students and collecting them back after having them duly filled in and forwarding the same to the University of Mumbai.
  • Ensuring that adequate stationery, like answer sheets threads, water jugs etc. are made
  • Entering internal assessment marks in mark sheet issued by the University.

Practice Teaching Committee

PresidentDr. Reni Francis
Teachers-in-chargeMs. Achala Bhor
Ms. Diandra Pinto
Students Representatives – Group Leaders

Objectives of the Practice Teaching Committee

  • To give detailed orientation on all aspects of practice teaching.
  • To conduct workshops on instructional materials for effective teaching.
  • To provide the student teachers with the necessary guidance to lesson planning.
  • To acquaint the students to different methodologies in teaching learning.

The activities held by the Practice Teaching Committee are

  • Making provisions for student teachers in schools / colleges for giving 26 macro lessons, 2 theme based lessons, 4 co-teaching lessons with school teachers.
  • Maintaining record of practice teaching marks of student teachers.
  • Conducting Teacher Educator’s demo lessons in various methods.
  • Helping students to prepare time table during practice teaching in schools.