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Student Satisfaction Survey

Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur aims in taking necessary and corrective measures towards the sustainable growth and quality standards through regular feedback / surveys. This is a continuous process practiced since the inception of the institute. Over the years the process is modified and changes as per the current trend is taken into account. Students Satisfaction Survey (SSS) is one among these surveys. This survey includes the questionnaire recommended by NAAC.

The survey is conducted by the Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC) with the support of all the Faculty. The Google form containing questionnaires prescribed by NAAC on different attributes of the teaching learning process was prepared and sent to all the students by the Principal.

The responses obtained on these dimensions are compiled into a spreadsheet, analyzed and logical conclusions are drawn there from it. The SSS report is prepared by IQAC and shared with the Faculty.

Necessary actions are usually taken at institute level to improvise the overall teaching learning experience of all the stakeholders.


Feedback Analysis 2019-21

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Feedback Analysis 2018-20

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