Workshop on “Know your Learning Style”

PCER > Enrichment Program 2013-14 > Workshop on “Know your Learning Style”

Conducted by
Ms. Swasti Dhar

Date: 6th March, 2014

One’s Learning Style refers to the way that one learns and the workshop on ‘Know your Learning Style’ introduced the students of PCER to the concept of the various styles that students adopt while they learn. Conducted by Ms. Swasti Dhar, Asst. Professor – PCER, Chembur, the workshop focussed on the VARK (Visual / Aural / Read-write / Kinesthetic) styles of learning as given by Dr, Neil Flemming. An understanding of a student’s preferred style of learning, and how information can be best provided to him in order to enhance this learning, is very crucial knowledge for a teacher. This will ensure that a teacher thinks beyond the traditional ways of teaching and engages all types of learners. The theory behind VARK was followed by students’ filling the VARK questionnaire and scoring their own learning style.