Workshop on “Innovative Ways to Introduce a Lesson”

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The Intellectual Capacity Building Network Centre – Research Forum II

On the 24th August, 2013, PCER Chembur alumni Ms. Shubadra Shenoy, Head-Secondary Section, Shishuvan School conducted a Workshop on “Innovative Ways to Introduce a Lesson”.

Ms. Shenoy, being an alumnus of PCER, was able to relate to the student-teachers and instantly established a rapport with them. She began the workshop by stressing the importance of the Set Induction in any lesson.

The key element in the Set Induction is that it acts as a Trigger in the minds of the children. Each aspect of the teacher, from his / her entry to the exit is keenly observed by the students and must, therefore, be planned carefully by the teacher. She proceeded to demonstrate this with a picture of different dishes that make up a meal and established a parallel between the dishes (with an emphasis on the starter) and the different stages of a lesson. This helped to bring home the point she was making very clearly to the student-teachers. Ms. Shenoy clarified the differences between the following components of Set Induction –

  • Energisers
  • Ice-Breakers
  • Starters
  • Plenary (to conclude)
  • Introduction

The student-teachers found the workshop to be interesting and enriching. They participated enthusiastically in the different activities and enjoyed them immensely. In addition, they were very reassured by Ms. Shenoy’s confidence in their ability to excel in their teaching careers.

For their second activity, on the occasion of the annual Alumni Meet 2013, the ICBN organised a Panel Discussion on all the recourse that are available after the students complete their B.Ed. degree.

The topic for the Panel Discussion was ‘Beyond the Horizon of B.Ed.’ and the panelists were our alumni who were at present engaged in various educational capacities. The panelists and the topic that they spoke on were as follows:

  • Ms. Anu Madhok: Anu is currently pursuing her M.Ed. degree and she touched upon the aspect of taking up higher qualifications and what is expected of the same. She spoke about how and why to take up M.Ed. and what benefits would accrue after the successful completion of the degree.
  • Ms. Parvathi Badrinarayanan: Parvathi is pursuing her career as a curriculum planner and this aspect is also one of the options that a student can take up. Many schools, especially those following the international curriculum, has a centralised curriculum planning section and teachers are recruited for this aspect, too.
  • Ms. Mamta Tiwari: Mamta is a Hindi and History subject teacher in a SSC school and she touched upon the challenges that a SSC school teacher faces and how one can prepare for it.
  • Ms. Madhu Bala Ralte: Madhu is an English subject teacher in an IGCSE school and she spoke about the challenges that B.Ed. students face in teaching in an international curriculum.
  • Ms. Biju Nambiar: Biju is the head of the Primary Section of The Somaiya school and has taken up the position of an administrator. She spoke about how useful the B.Ed. subjects are when we teach in a school and the challenges that the administrators face.

The session was moderated by Ms. Rakhi Pande, alumnus of the batch of 2011-12 and currently teaching in Arya Vidya Mandir School at Bandra Kurla Complex. She spoke about the necessity of reading and keeping oneself updated. She summed up what each of the speakers had said and left the students with questions to ponder on.