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Skill Set – Innovative and Incubation Initiative

Nurturing successful entrepreneurs imbibed with leadership qualities using innovative and ethical practices to make a local and global impact.

Instill the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship

Impact (Long term Objectives) (5 Years)

  • Motivate students to develop their own start-ups
  • Develop academic related incubators
  • Create corpus fund to seed ventures

Outcome (Short term Objectives) (2 Years)

  • To provide a platform for interaction with entrepreneurs
  • Impart entrepreneurial education / skills amongst students through various trainings and sessions
  • Build a culture of entrepreneurship through applying for Patent and Copyrights.

Objectives of Skill-Set are:

  1. To build an innovation ecosystem for exploration and pre-incubation of ideas in the academic and academic related activities.
  2. To render a conducive working environment to the incubates to foster their innovative ideas.
  3. To advance an entrepreneurial culture in the institution and assisting the students, alumni and faculty to transform the idea to reality.
  4. To coordinate and promote innovation-driven such workshops, seminars, sessions on Intellectual Property Rights, filling of patents activities at the institute.
  5. To apply for funds / grants from various organization for innovative ideas.


  • Conduct innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities in a time bound manner.
  • Organize workshops / seminars, Interactive sessions with entrepreneurs and create a pool of corporate as well as academic mentors for guiding and counselling the student innovators.
  • Craft an incubation and Innovation portal that reflects innovation and incubation related activities carried out by cell.
  • Creating awareness regarding different aspects of entrepreneurship like innovative business visions, government schemes and prerequisites for developing start-up etc.


  • Organize idea competitions and innovation challenges to identify and reward innovations.
  • Create forums which conducts panel discussions on a regular basis that bring together students, professionals, academics and entrepreneurs to network and share ideas.
  • Design a “lecture series” where pioneers of business, industry experts and professionals are invited to the campus to speak about current new, significant and breakthrough innovations and success stories.
  • Organizing conferences, hands on workshops, skill development programs to assist learning and practising techniques to develop new ideas, outline the value propositions.


Name of the facultyPosition
Dr. Reni FrancisPrincipal
Dr. Sunita JainAssistant Professor
Ms. Jaya CherianAssistant Professor
Dr. Sharda SharmaAssistant Professor
Mr. Rajendra DeshmukhAssistant Professor
Ms. Vasundhara KaulAlumni
Ms. Sabrina MukadamAlumni
Ms. Farzana Dohadwala Education Expert
Ms. Kalyani AurumugamSIES School Principal