Workshop on “Core Elements and Values”

PCER > Enrichment Program 2017-18 > Workshop on “Core Elements and Values”

Dr. Sunita Jain conducted a Workshop on “Core Elements and Values” on 24th June, 2017.

One of the recommendations by NPE 1986 was based on a national curricular framework which contains a common core along with other components that are flexible. The common core included the history of India’s freedom movement, the constitutional obligations and other content essential to nurture national identity. These elements cut across subject areas and are designed to promote values such as India’s common cultural heritage, egalitarianism, democracy and secularism, equality of the sexes, protection of the environment, removal of social barriers, observance of the small family norm and inculcation of the scientific temper.

Student teachers were trained using think-pair-share cooperative methodology to have a practical knowledge of how to incorporate core element and values in teaching learning process.