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PCER team is quite active at serving the society as per the requirements and demands of the community. This academic year students were taken to Navjeevan Centre; A place where the children of sex workers from red street are taken care. Navjeevan Centre has 120 inmates from the age of 5-15.

At PCER we encourage students to do community service with the following objectives in mind

  • Expose students to people who are at a disadvantage (socially, medically, economically, or otherwise)
  • Help students to realize they can make a difference and give them the tools to do so.
  • Develop awareness and better understanding of the communities they live in.
    No. of participants: 40 teacher-trainees
    No of beneficiaries: 270 Students of Navjeevan School & Centre.
    10 teachers & Volunteers.

Dates: The students were taken to Navjeevan Centre on 2nd December, 2019 and served them till 4th December.

Activities: The students of PCER were divided into different groups for teaching and other co-curricular activities. As teaching buddies they engaged different classes. Students conducted both curricular and co-curricular activities for the Navjeevan School as well as for the Navjeevan Centre.

@Navjeevan School: Basics of English Grammar and Mathematics from V to X. for the smaller classes students taught the concept of colours, Mathematical tables and alphabets.

@Navjeevan Centre: The teacher-trainees oriented the children on various topics like healthy habits, importance of balanced diet. They were also taught art and craft works like quilling, paper bags etc. Navjeevan children were very much thrilled as they got to learn dancing steps from teacher-trainees. It was given many lighter moments and laughter, as all of them were playing different sports in the evening.

It was a privilege for the students of PCER to visit Navjeevan and spend time with them teaching and indulging in activities with them. The PCER team stayed Navjeevan Centre for 2 days and 2 nights. Teacher-trainees completed all the work that were assigned to them with dedication.

As per the need and the request from the Navjeevan Management Dr. Mary George Varghese conducted sessions to the teaching faculty and also to volunteers of the centre. The two days’ sessions were on classroom management skills, handling emotional needs of the students and well-being of teachers etc. This capacity building initiative of PCER was well appreciated by the participants. The question answer session on classroom problems were helpful as teachers encounter lot of discipline problems among students.

Apart from the activities conducted at the centre, team PCER generated funds to buy items required by the Navjeevan Centre. Some of the major items donated includes utensils, stationery items, Bedsheets etc.

The visit by the principal and staff to the Navjeevan centre on the second day 3rd Dec elated the spirit of participants. The interaction with the Navjeevan students and staff and experience sharing by the teacher-trainees have given a sense of fulfilment to both team PCER and Navjeevan Centre.

Overall, the 3-day stay-in community service programme was one such activity which created a great sense of accomplishments to PCER students. They considered it as a ‘meaningful act of love and care’ from their side to the needy ones.

Gist of Service from PCER to Navjeevan Centre.