Session on “Personality Development and Communication Skills”

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A Session on “Personality Development and Communication skills” was conducted by Ms. Jyothi Malhotra, PCER Alumna on 18th November, 2022 as a part of career guidance. The session focused on how teacher trainees should mould and refine themselves while being true to their own strengths. Different questions were asked as a part of the presentation, such as ‘Who or what would you like to be seen as?’

The student teachers were asked to think about the image of themselves that they would want to create in their future institutions. How would they want to be perceived by their students, peers and bosses. Questions like ‘Who is a part of your team?’ helped reiterate the importance of collaboration between all stakeholders in an educational institution. Teacher attitude is also very important whether one looks as primary, secondary or higher secondary school and so questions like ‘How do I treat others? How badly do I want my students to succeed?; Will my students be at an advantage because I am their teacher?’ were discussed. The session also touched upon what not to do as a teacher, especially related to presentations and worksheets. In addition to this, a few stereotypes were explored to understand what personality development really entails.