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A One Day Workshop on Quilling Art was organized by the MES’s Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur for the F.Y. B.Ed. students on 9th January, 2023. The workshop was conducted by the arts teacher Mr. Ramdas Kondilkar of, Mahatma International School. He gave his time to each and every student and gave the students innovative ideas on how to quill, how to give proper shape and size and how to express our imagination on the chart paper. The creativity of the students was unleashed in just 2 hours. Students learned various paper quilling techniques and made some impressive quilling designs including flowers, insects, patterns, vines and leaves. Mr. Ramdas helped students on learning how to utilize and apply this skill to develop on their own, for example by using recycled magazines or quilling paper to make more functional items such as jewelry, creative bookmarks, pins etc.

At the end of this session the students were very content with the updation of their knowledge. Each and every student made their own creative quilling. The workshop ended with the heartfelt gratitude given by the students.