International Women’s Day: “Women on Wheels” She Ride

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On 10th March 2024, the S.Y.B.Ed students of PCER Chembur, Ms. Damini Singh, Ms. Srushti Yeram and Ms. Krupa Chaulkar, exemplified dedication to women’s empowerment by participating in the “She Can Ride” Season 6 Ride with Mumbai Police, Nirbhaya Squad. The event aimed to spread awareness about cervical and breast cancer was organized exclusively for women on International Women’s Day. Following the ride, biking activities further underscored the spirit of empowerment and solidarity among women. Their participation not only showcased their commitment to important health causes but also highlighted PCER’s emphasis on holistic education and community engagement through DLLE initiatives. Their involvement in such meaningful endeavours reflects positively on both themselves and the institution.