Expert Talk on “Waste Management”

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Mrs. Sindhu Iyer, Project Coordinator of Stree Mukti Sanganhtna (NGO) was the guest speaker as part of the Fresher’s Day Event held on 26th February, 2020. She spoke on the issue of waste management – the current situation, what we can do to dispose of waste more responsibly, and the work done by Stree Mukti Sanganhtna.

Rapid technological advancements, economic expansion, urbanization processes, rising demand for consumer electronic equipment and a lower pricing trend are just a few of the elements that have contributed to the unprecedented growth of E-waste globally over the last two decades. Currently, e-waste is disposed of with solid waste. It poses a greater risk of environmental damage and the consequences are far bigger than previously thought.

Mrs. Iyer shed light on the correct method of disposing of electronic waste to reduce the negative consequences for the environment as well as the hazardous health issues that unorganized sector of waste segregation workers suffer from on account of handling these toxic materials.