Expert Talk on “Teacher Education Practices Across Boundaries”

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MES’s PCER, Chembur organized an Expert Talk via You Tube Live on the topic Teacher Education Practices Across Boundaries by Dr. Matthew A. Witenstein on 18th June, 2020. The session was hosted by Principal Dr. Reni Francis.

Matthew A. Witenstein, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Administration, School of Education and Health Sciences, University of Dayton focused on the Teacher Education Practices that need to be adapted in this pandemic. During this period of pandemic we should support our students mentally. He observed that it is important for a teacher to be engaged with the community because when you engage with the community you can connect with them in the classroom. He stated that teacher education and teacher training that provide adaptable framework can really help in guiding the practices.

The link to view the session is :