National Pollution Control Day 2023

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A Slogan Writing Competition on National Pollution Control Day was organized on 4th December, 2023 at MES’s Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur for B.Ed. students with the aim of raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting the importance of pollution control. The event provided a platform for students to express their creativity and concern for the environment through impactful slogans. The primary objective of the competition was to sensitize B.Ed. students to the environmental challenges posed by pollution and encourage them to play an active role in promoting sustainable practices.

A specific timeframe was given for the students to create and submit their slogans. Slogans written by the students were evaluated based on creativity, relevance, and impact. The top three slogans that best conveyed the message of pollution control were selected as winners.

F.Y. B.Ed. students actively participated in the competition.

The event successfully engaged B.Ed. students, thus inspiring them to integrate environmental topics into their future teaching practices.