Women’s Day Special – Webinar “Cyber Sakhi”

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On Women’s Day, PCER Chembur and Soroptimist Welfare Association (SIBC) in collaboration with ‘Responsible Netism’ organised a webinar ‘Cyber Sakhi’ for the students of F. Y. B.Ed and S. Y. B.Ed. The session was scheduled from 11:30 a.m. The webinar was conducted through a Zoom meeting and the aim of this session was to spread awareness about cybercrimes and cyber security. The host was ‘Ms. Steffi Benjamin’, who is an active member and project coordinator of ‘Responsible Netism’. She spoke about the cybercrimes which are – hacking, fake profile, stalking, cyber bullying, morphing, financial frauds, cyber terrorism. She explained in detail about each of the cybercrimes and she also kept an open discussion for the students to interact, share and question while learning about cybercrimes. She then gave insights into various crimes related to cyber bullying that take place in and around the city. She shared security measures one needs to take when using social media applications. She also made the students aware about the privacy system of some digital applications and how frauds happen through spam links. The students also shared some of their own personal cybercrime experiences and how they were able to tackle the situation. This session was an eye opener for many students and a very necessary one as with increasing use of internet, cybercrimes have been on the rise.