Learning Resources Exhibition 2023

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PCER, Chembur organised, “Learning Resources Exhibition” on 8th July, 2023 for B.Ed students. The aim of this exhibition was to showcase a wide array of learning resources that could be effectively utilized during the teaching process. The event provided valuable insights, inspiration to the student teachers and also an opportunity for students to explore interactive learning tools and materials to enhance their teaching practices.

Students from all the methods displayed the learning resources made by them and showcased a variety of educational materials including teaching aids, educational games and many more. Participants were judged on the basis of predefined criteria such as creativity, applicability, practicality, durability and presentation. Six students of SIES High school, Matunga were the eminent judges for the exhibition. Each exhibit was assessed through observation and participant’s presentation and the winners were declared.

This activity provided an opportunity for participants to present their creations, share knowledge, and inspire others.