PCER > Enrichment Program 2014-15 > Workshop on “Stress Management”

Workshop Conducted by
Ms. Vinita Desai

A workshop was conducted on the topic ‘Stress Management’ for students. The workshop was called ‘Pastiche’, which means eclecticism in arts. The workshop was based on principles of constructivism influenced by naturalistic school of thought and furnishes a platform for Multiple Intelligence.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • To provide a platform to students to display their ideas and emotions
  • To enable students to identify agents that cause stress in them
  • To provide experiential learning to students through movie making based on stress
  • To equip students to handle stress effectively

Students made posters based on the theme ‘Stress management’. Stress experienced in different stages of life was portrayed through posters. Students also made a video enacting the various problems faced by individuals at different stages giving it a humorous touch. Games were also organized to de-stress the students.

An informative booklet was prepared by the students that contained essentials about various causative agents, signs, symptoms, effects, measures, techniques and so on regarding stress and its management.