PCER > Enrichment Program 2016-17 > Workshop on “Self-Introduction”

By, Dr. Sneha Raikar, Asstt. Professor
Date: 21st September, 2016
Venue: Room 404, Pillais’ College of Education & Research, Chembur

As an endeavor to equip student teachers with soft skills and instill confidence in them, PCER offered an Add on Course to enrich the learning experience of the B.Ed. programme. As part of this Add on Course, a workshop was conducted by Dr. Sneha Raikar on the topic of Self Introduction.

The workshop was conducted in a very interactive and interesting manner. The workshop began with an apt question to the student teachers regarding the reasons for First impression being the Last impression in our interactions. Based on the responses given by the student teachers, the topic was stated.

The importance of Self Introduction in life in general and in job interviews in particular was discussed. As part of the activity, the student teachers were asked to write their detailed introduction in the class. Each student teacher was encouraged to write an introduction covering the education qualifications, brief family details, and strengths and also to specify the objectives or goals in life.

Once everyone had written their self-introduction, few student teachers were asked to introduce themselves before the class. After the introductions were done, valuable inputs were given regarding the way an introduction is to be done; right from body language, gestures, and specific terms to be used and the emphasis on the strengths of the person.

The Workshop gave the Student Teachers a wonderful opportunity to learn a useful skill and also to sensitize them to the importance of putting their best foot forward in every interaction be it professional or personal, in order to create the best impression.