Workshop on “Resume Writing and Facing an Interview”

PCER > Enrichment Program 2014-15 > Workshop on “Resume Writing and Facing an Interview”

Conducted by
Ms. Jaya Cherian
Asst. Professor

Date: 18th December, 2014

A workshop on resume writing and facing an interview was conducted by Asst. Prof. Jaya Cherian with the objective of preparing the student teachers for career placements. A well written resume is an important tool when applying for a job.

The workshop oriented the student teachers with respect to:

  • What a professional CV looks like
  • What aspects have to be included or excluded.
  • The steps that one must go through to prepare one
  • How one applies to the institute where one wishes to work

The interview is the platform to present yourself as the most apt person for the job and persuade the employer that you have the skills, background and ability to do the job and that you can comfortably fit into the organisation and its culture. Being well prepared goes a long way towards a successful interview.

The workshop included mock – interview sessions and also covered various aspects such as:

  • Pre-interview stage
  • Interview stage
  • Post-interview stage

The workshop concluded with an interactive question answer session.