Webinar on “Reviving Educational Practices Post COVID-19 Pandemic”

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A Webinar on ‘Reviving Educational Practices Post Covid-19 Pandemic’ was organized by University of Mumbai, Thane Sub Campus in association with MES’s PCER, Chembur on 27th, 28th and 29th April, 2020.

Day 1: Dr. Gargi Roy and Adv. Neeta Kedia covered the topic ‘Enrich Behavioral Management Strategies.’ Dr. Gargi Roy is the Founder and Director of Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics R (IACDG) and Director, KORYNAS Pvt. Ltd. To combat the stress and anxiety during this pandemic, she gave strategy pointers to cultivate and strengthen mindfulness like:

  • Be informed with only reliable sources
  • Break the chain of unauthentic and unreliable messages
  • A healthy mind resides in a sound body
  • Reach out to others and support people around you
  • Keeping in touch with your friends and family may ease the stress caused by COVID-19
  • Choose your hope

Adv. Neeta Bipin Kedia is a practicing advocate and mediator in the family court. And she stated that no strategy will have a magic effect. We need to have a lot of practice and be surrounded with good friends who are non judgemental.

Day 2: Dr. Seeja K.R and Ms. Simrit Kanoonga threw light on ‘Innovative Classroom Management Techniques.’ Dr. Seeja K.R, Assistant Professor at SNM Training College, Ernakulam, Kerala said, “Learning is not a passive activity. It is not about absorbing learning from source rather it is a process of processing of information.” .

Ms. Simrit Kanoonga is an educator at JBCN Mumbai . She explained the role as an educator in today’s classrooms. While introducing the topic she said, with the changing dynamics that we have today it is very important to have different role perspectives for our teachers. She believes that her role as a teacher has completely changed, it is all about creating positiveness among the students with the kind of changing dynamics as of now.

Day 3: Ms. Juhi Pandey and Mr. Nasser Ali gave their insights on ‘Create interactive educational resources’. Mr. Nasserali, Assistant Professor, Aligarh Muslim University, Kerala, shared his experiences of empowering teachers with the necessary skills, positive attitude and building confidence among teachers through use of webinars and workshops he conducted online during this pandemic period. He emphasized on 5C’s which are very much essential for a successful teacher which he listed as Commitment, Communication, Collaboration, Continuous Assessment and Contentment.

Ms. Juhi Pandey, Corporate and Life Skills Trainer, Psychologist and HR professional spoke on behaviour management. She began her session by explaining the current situation of how people are undergoing a lot of stress, anxiety and trauma due to the prevailing COVID19 pandemic. She spoke on the strategies which could be used to overcome this current anxiety and trauma through use of FLUID where

F-Fear meaning the fear of catching the virus, carrying it home and spreading it.
L-Loss of physical freedom, space,
U-Uncertainty, a period of uncertainty where we are not sure when and how we will come out of this present crisis,
I-Insecurity of losing a job,
D-Death- losing oneself or loved ones.

Link 1st Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOldoi7bfNk&pbj
Link 2nd Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmsxCm08_jw
Link 3rd Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXYvlLkrJAs