Webinar on “Aspire to Inspire”

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Soroptimist Welfare Association (SIBC) Commerce, in association with Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts, conducted a Webinar titled “Aspire to Inspire” on 13th March, 2021 to strengthen the move towards women empowerment.

vDr. Reni Francis, Principal, Pillai College of Education & Research, Chembur, Mumbai, also a Soroptimist, was the resource person for the day. Dr. Reni Francis explained the need to inspire people or to raise them to a great plan. She explained in detail that this is required to achieve an abundant hope of fulfilling a worthwhile mission. She also explained by various audio and video clips to be a change leader to inspire people to join in for a higher cause, influencing soulful action.

Total 56 teachers and student participants benefitted from this webinar.
The event aligned to SDG #5, “Gender Equality.”