Talk on “Holistic Development Among Students Viewpoint NEP 2020”

PCER > Enrichment Program 2021-22 > Talk on “Holistic Development Among Students Viewpoint NEP 2020”

On 25th April, 2022, Ms. Priyanka Mohite gave a talk at PCER Chembur on Holistic Development Among Students Viewpoint of NEP 2020’. She explained that the new version of the policy is student-oriented and aims at holistic development of students to create better citizens with high ethical and moral standards apart from subject knowledge. The policy aims at achieving futuristic targets of developing students, promoting intellectual curiosity, value addition and skill development to make them successful entrepreneurs in their chosen fields. She went on to discuss the knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes teachers should have in order to support the holistic development of students in the classroom. She also shared strategies that schools as a whole, and that teachers can adopt in their individual classrooms for the successful implementation of the same.