Symposium on “Paradigm Shift Curriculum”

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Symposium on “Paradigm Shift Curriculum” – (Course I – Philosophical Foundation in Education)

Report by
Dr. Reni Francis


11th October, 2014
2.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Symposium on “Paradigm shift in Curriculum”
MES’s Chembur Campus – Ground Floor

Event Details:
Curriculum is the core of an educational system. The interior decoration and the art effects that constitute it reflect the philosophy of life and the personality of the designer to a great extent. Similarly the subjects included in the curriculum in general and the units of the syllabi reflect the characteristics traits not only oft eh designer of the curriculum but gives a global picture of a notion

Objective of the symposium:
Traditionally the curriculum refers to some amount of knowledge and some skills taught to the child. The modern concept is more child centered and activity oriented.

The objective of this symposium is to focus on

  • what each curriculum offers
  • methodology of the different curriculum,
  • assessment methods

The speakers for the Symposium were:

SSC: Ms. Vijayalakshmi Sharma
Senior Teacher, Saraswati Vidhyalaya, Chembur

CBSE: Mr. Xavier Varghese
Principal, Mahatma International School, Chembur

ICSE: Dr. Reni Francis, Ms.Swasti Dhar, Ms. Vinita Desai
Principal, Shishuvan School

IB: Ms. Manisha Upadhyay
Senior Teacher, Dr. Pillai Global Academy