Session on “SWOC Analysis and Resume Writing”

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A Session on “SWOC Analysis” was conducted by Ms. Diandra Pinto on 1st December, 2022 at Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur. SWOC Analysis is a tool which helps an individual to self-analyse their strengths and weaknesses, understanding their opportunities and challenges. SWOC is an important tool which helps an individual to keep track of their career and helps to achieve their goals. For all the budding teachers it is important to learn the SWOC Analysis as it helps them to develop skills which will help them with their professional as well as personal growth. Ms. Pinto efficiently explained the significance and steps of SWOC Analysis and guided them to perform their analysis.

This was followed up with a Session on “Resume Writing”. The students were walked through the various components of a resume and how to best showcase their strengths through effective resume writing. They were explained about the importance of a good, non-cluttered format for resumes to ensure easy readability. Several resume samples were shown to highlight desirable components and avoidable errors and common mistakes. The students were given detailed input and provided with a sample to create their own resumes and feedback was provided by their respective guiding teachers.