Session on “Stress Management”

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On 24th November, 2022, Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai College of Education and research conducted a session on Stress Management for the students of S.Y. B.Ed., Batch (2021-2023). The session was conducted by Ms. Yvette Lee, Mahatma Education Society’s in-house Counsellor and social worker. Ms. Yvette began with an interaction with the students to find out their current stressors and methods of stress management. She then shared the long term and short term effects of stress and some techniques that prove to be helpful for stress management. These included Mental Grounding, Physical grounding, Soothing grounding and Mindful activities. She also shared some tips on ways to reframe and handle negative talk. Reframing the negative self-talk can actually help change our perspective. This session will help students to have a positive mindset.