Session on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene”

PCER > Enrichment Program 2023-24 > Session on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene”

Organizers: Women Development Cell of MES’s Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur
Collaborators: GlobalHunt Foundation and Unicharm, India
Date: 26th February, 2024
Platform: Zoom
SDG: SDG 3 Good Health and Hygiene and SDG 5 Gender Equality


  • To promote gender sensitivity and inclusivity within educational settings.
  • To develop an understanding about menstruation, misconception about it and menstrual hygiene practices.
  • To raise awareness on the importance of breaking the stigma about menstruation.

Report: The session commenced with an introduction by the Women Development Cell, highlighting the significance of discussing menstrual health openly and addressing the taboo associated with it. Following the introduction, the guest speaker from GlobalHunt Foundation and Unicharm, India, Mrs. Nitya Chaudhary, who is a social worker and conducts sessions for all the CSR activities in Rajasthan which include management of awareness program on menstrual health and hygiene and program associated with Integrated Development Services under the Ministry of Women and Child Development with Mrs. Nitya shared her expertise and insights on menstrual health and hygiene. The session began with a comprehensive overview of menstruation, its biological processes, and common myths and misconceptions. Mrs. Chaudhary spoke about the menstrual cycle, menstrual hygiene products, and the importance of maintaining proper menstrual hygiene to prevent infections.

One of the primary focuses of the session was to disprove the myths and misconceptions about menstruation. Mrs. Nitya also shared some tips and techniques for maintaining menstrual hygiene were shared with the participants. Mrs. Nitya also highlighted on the stigma associated with menstruation and emphasized the need to normalize conversations around it.

At the end of the session participants had the opportunity to clarify their doubts.

In conclusion, the session was highly informative and impactful, creating awareness about menstrual health and hygiene among B.Ed students.