Session on “Concept Attainment Model”

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Date: 6th February, 2023
Event: Session on Concept Attainment Model
Objective: The session focused on leading students to a concept by asking them to compare and contrast examples.

Concept attainment is the process of defining concepts by determining the attributes that are absolutely essential to the meaning and disregarding those that are not. It also means learning to discriminate between what is and what is not an example of the concept. Concepts are our tools for organizing information. The concept attainment model is designed to teach concepts and help students become more efficient at learning and creating concepts. It is effective in defining, comprehending, applying, and using concepts. The concept introduced was Physical Change, set of positive and negative examples were shown to the students, the positive examples led to the concept and the negative examples contrasted the concept.

Feedback: The students understood the concept in a systematic manner, no obstacles were faced during the conduct of the activity