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Our education system which mostly deals with theory based curriculum need to be practically connected to real world of work through skill development and thus bring balance in imbalanced education system. This finds deep connect with Gandhian principles of craft-centered education. Whatever we are striving for – learning by doing, work integrated learning, respect for manual skills, self-reliance through sustainable livelihoods, – concepts like these are deeply ingrained in Mahatma Gandhi’ s emphasis on manual and productive work as integral to basic education. Let’s look at some of his key thoughts and ideas that have found a way in current endeavours to link education with employment and entrepreneurship through skill development.

Mahatma Gandhi had emphasized that Socially Useful Productive Work should be taught “not merely for production work but for developing intellect of the pupils.” It could be embroidery, clay modeling, bamboo crafts, leather work, pottery and many other socio-culturally relevant creatively stimulating activities that have a potential for enabling livelihoods. When connected with skilling and vocational options, SUPW can transform the way student-teachers perceive manual work and impact their young minds positively towards dignity of work and labour.

Craft-centered education thus creates a balance between theory and monotonous learning through creative stimulation and self-expression. It helps in reducing discrimination between manual and intellectual skills and overcoming prejudices through respect for socially meaningful work that meets the needs of all.

Keeping this in mind and as a part of 150th Mahatma Gandhi Birth Anniversary week long celebrations, Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur organized many competitions to encourage skill development, to bring out thecreative skills and motivate them to understand dignity of work and labour among student-teachers.

On 25th September, Salad dressing competition was held in the lecture hall – 401, student-teachers showcased their salad dressing skills innovatively through beautiful designs of vegetable carvings and presenting the salads in an attractive way. Thus Student-teachers participated whole heartedly displaying their creative skills in salad dressing. The Principal and faculty appreciated their participation in salad dressing competition.