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National Girl Child Day is observed on 24th January every year to spread awareness about the inequalities faced by a girl child in Indian society. The day not only advocates for equal opportunities in education, healthcare and nutrition, but also promotes awareness about the rights of a girl child and addresses issues like child marriage, discrimination, and violence against girls.

The two-day premarital workshop for B.Ed students was organized on the occasion of National Girl Child Day by MES’s Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur in collaboration with Stree Mukti Sanghatana, aiming to promote awareness and understanding of gender equality, communication skills, and relationship dynamics among future educators. The workshop took place on 23rd and 24th January, 2024 and was attended by F. Y. B. Ed students.

Ms. Achala Bhor, faculty PCER, Chembur introduced the resource person for day 1 and spoke on the significance of National Girl Child Day and the role of educators in promoting gender equality.

The resource person for day 1 was Ms. Sangeeta Saraf. Sangeeta Saraf is working as a teacher in a school in Vashi. She has been member of Stree Mukti Sangathan for more than almost 34 years.

Ms. Sangeeta Saraf explained the four sets of key concepts in pre-marital counselling. She separated them into four categories: sex education, couple understanding, gender equality, and premarital education. She continued by elucidating the definitions of sex and gender, their differences, and how society constructed them. She also explained the causes of gender discrimination through several subtopics such the patriarchy, women’s involvement, media, and advertisements, as well as how society restricts women’s rights and opportunities. Moreover, she shed light on the topic of choosing a life partner with a couple of case studies.

Ms. Athira SR, faculty PCER, Chembur introduced the resource person for day 2 and spoke on the objectives of the workshop, to give the students knowledge and understanding about gender equality and relationship dynamics.

The resource person for day 2 was Mr. Chandrakant Sarvagod. Mr. Chandrakant Sarvagod is an activist of Stree Mukti Sanghatana. He conducts lectures in various colleges and organises pre-marital counselling camps in settlements. Mr. Chandrakant Sarvagod is a member of the All-India Superstition Eradication Committee and serves as the Bombay Organizer.

Mr. Chandrakant spoke about the challenges and hardships faced by couples in a family. He also elaborated the reason for misunderstanding between the couples and the main reason behind it. He also differentiated the wants/needs the male and female have in a marriage and also spoke about family planning and its importance. He guided the students by sharing ideas on how to behave, act and to express in a marriage. Mr. Chandrakant focused on the foundation of marriage and gave insights on sex Education briefly. He made the students actively participate in classroom activity to make the session interactive and knowledgeable.

The two-day premarital workshop on National Girl Child Day successfully provided B.Ed students with valuable insights and skills essential for building healthy and equitable relationships. This event emphasized the role of educators in fostering positive societal change and promoting the well-being of individuals and families. From this workshop, students gained a better understanding of the challenges in relationships and a commitment to help build a society that is more inclusive and supportive.