National Energy Conservation Day – Debate

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On 15th December, 2023, PCER Chembur, under the department of Lifelong Learning & Extension (DLLE) hosted a debate competition aligning with the National Energy Conservation Day and SDG #7. The topic, “Alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels,” sparked insightful discussions. Dr. Resmy Varghese, Principal of Mahatma Junior College of Education judged the competition. Ms. Sonam Gupta, Ms. Payal Patel, Ms. Lucy, and Ms. Vibha Mishra, emerged victorious, with Ms. Payal Patel who was declared as the best speaker. Participants from F.Y.B.Ed also contributed commendably in the competition. The event was gracefully hosted by Ms. Geneshiya and Ms. Ahalya and it successfully promoted energy conservation awareness.