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University of Mumbai, Thane Sub Campus, Thane in collaboration with MES’s PCER, Chembur organised Nai Talim Week from 1st – 7th October, 2020. There were a variety of sessions conducted for students of Chembur English High School. The activities were in alignment with SDG 4 Quality Education.

Day 1: 1st October, 2020
Knowing our Mahatma (Online Quiz)
This quiz focused on Mahatma Gandhi,Father of the Nation whose values, ideals and leadership provided direction to the Indian Freedom Movement. The objective of this quiz is to create awareness about Mahatma Gandhi. Each question carries one mark. There were 15 questions in all

Day 2: 2nd October, 2020
Session on Swachhata Diwas
The objective of this initiative was to highlight the Life of Mahatma Gandhi and the philosophy that our young students need to imbibe in their lives. The students were oriented on Waste segregation through a detailed activity and gave them an understanding of dry and wet waste. The 10 Golden rules of maintaining and practising Swachh Bharat were also shared. Slogan writing competition and Knowing our Mahatma Quiz was also done with the students. The session can be viewed by clicking the below link:


Day 3: Late Principal Mathews Chacko Online Elocution Competition
Elocution Competition
The Late Principal Mathews Chacko Online Elocution Competition was conducted as part of the activities held during the Nai Talim Week on 3rd October at 11.00 a.m. The theme for the elocution competition was ‘Role of a Teacher with respect to Gandhian Values’. The competition was judged by Ms. Suma Lerin and Ms. Sivaranjini Ganeshan. The winners received e-certificates. The winners of the competition were:

First Prize: Ms. Shivani Mayekar
Second Prize: Ms. Benazeer Jamadar

The Google Meet Link for the competition: https://meet.google.com/grp-sbbt-zcg

Day 4: 4th October, 2020
Sessions on Yoga
The yoga practitioners, Ms. Hansa Mamtora and Mr. Anup Thomas had pre- recorded warm up sessions and basic yoga sessions. These videos were sent to 5th – 9th standard students who benefited a lot. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the world are in a lockdown stage. So this was a big opportunity for the students to understand and practice yoga staying back home and relate it with Gandhiji’s principles.

The following links were shared with the students:
Session 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_WoVRlJEL4
Session 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4apW88bmKQ
Session 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMMu754zedY

Day 5: 5th October, 2020
Session on Health Guide and Post Covid -19 Sanitization
The session included games, quiz, videos on precautionary measures against Covid-19, importance of precautionary measures on Covid-19 and managing mental health. The various activities to foster physical and mental health were also provided during the session. Posters related to Post Covid health Practices were also shown to students. Ms. Rimita who recovered from Covid 19, shared her story which was very useful to the participants as it gave insight to various things to be taken care of during this pandemic.

The session can be viewed by clicking the below link:

Day 6: 6th October, 2020
Story Telling Competition
Story Telling Competition was organised for 5th-7th standard students of Chembur English High School on 6th October, 2020. The theme of the competition was ‘Gandhian Values’. There were 21 participants in total. Each participant was given a platform to showcase their story telling skills.The stories were narrated with a lot of confidence. The judges were Ms. Sherry Jose, Ms. Benazeer Jamadar and Ms. Rashmi Shinde. The judges shared their expertise after the participation from the students. The winners of the competition were:

7th Grade, First position: Miss Bhargavi Sonawane
7th Grade, Second position: Master Anurag Gaikwad
6th Grade, First Position: Miss Azeen Hashmi
6th Grade, Second Position: Miss Drushti Karkar
5th Grade, First Position: Miss Arya Shinde

Dr. Reni Francis, congratulated all the participants, winners and the organisers of the programme.

The session can be viewed by clicking the below link:

Day 7: 7th October, 2020
Mask Making Session
Students from the tutorial group of Dr. Swasti Dhar conducted a session on Mask Making with the Ninth standard students of Chembur English High School. After welcoming everyone, the students threw light about the importance of masks with a talk on General Awareness about Masks which answered questions such as why one should wear a mask, where the mask is worn, who should not wear masks and general do’s and don’ts about mask-wearing. This was followed by a talk on the different types of masks and who should wear them.The session can be viewed at: