Learning Resource Exhibition 2022

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On 27th August, 2022, PCER Chembur organized a learning resource exhibition. F.Y.B.Ed students specializing in Mathematics and Science pedagogy participated. The exhibition opened at 10:00 a.m. exclusively for Chembur English High School students. Dr. Reni Francis, the principal, inaugurated the event and delivered a commencement speech. Science method students showcased models of the Respiratory System, Dynamo, and Ohm’s Law, while Math method students presented models of 2D and 3D shapes, Fractions, etc. Dr. Reni Francis and PCER faculty assessed the models and student descriptions. Students also explained their working models to enhance understanding. Judges from Std. X selected three projects from each method. All participants were commended for their outstanding efforts. The exhibition successfully facilitated the exchange of ideas and the use of innovative techniques to create effective teaching aids for Mathematics and Science.