PCER > Enrichment Program 2019-20 > Fevikryl Club Activity
Criteria5 (Students’ Progression)
SDG9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure)
Title of the Activity Workshop on Creative Teaching Aids using FEVIKRYL
Portfolio/ Committee/ Club ActivityMALANG – The Fine Arts Society of PCER Chembur
Date19th August, 2019
Time11:30 am to 1:30 pm
VenueRoom 404, MES’s Chembur Campus
Number of Beneficiaries: 85
Name of the Resource Persons Ms. Vandana from Fevikryl

Objectives of the Activity:

  1. To introduce student-teachers to creative ways in which Fevikryl materials can be used as teaching aids
  2. To practically use some of the new art materials in the market
  3. To create models for practical use in classrooms

Planned Outcome of the Activity:
The students of B.Ed. will create 4-5 objects using Fevikryl materials which can be used in the classrooms or have other practical uses.

Report of the Activity:

The Fevikryl Mould It Activity was conducted in MES Pillai College of Education and Research with S.Y.B.Ed student teachers. Mrs.Aparna Sheth guided it. Students were divided into pairs. Further they were instructed to make human heart, brain, tortoise etc. Students were also given information on Colour Theory to paint the prepared moulds.

Teaching Aids are of immense use to a teacher and the students of B. Ed. need to be trained to make teaching aids. The usual aids shown in the classes are pictures or charts. Sometime, it is much better to use models in the classrooms.

Fevikryl is a company associated with Creative Arts and it has introduced a new product in the market known as MOULDIT. This comes in two varieties, hard as well as soft. Mouldit is quite reasonable priced at Rs. 20 per packet and each pack can be used to make 3-4 models.

The resource person was Ms. Vandana from Fevikryl and she introduced the student-teachers to the wonders of Mouldit. Using it, she taught them how to create a few objects. Some of the objects created were:

  • Models of the human brain
  • Model of the human heart
  • Models of turtles
  • Fridge magnets

Students also used Fevikryl paints to add details to the models made.

Feedback from the Beneficiaries
Feedback was verbally taken from the students who found this to be very useful. They thanked Malang for organizing this workshop and asked for a few more such workshops to be organized for all students.

Students preparing models the human brain

Models of turtles

Busy at work

The B. Ed. students with Ms. Vandana, the resource person from Fevikryl

Painting models of the human heart