Expert Talk on “Happiness – The Science Behind it!”

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On the 31st July, 2021 an online Expert Talk was conducted on the elusive topic “Happiness – The Science behind it!” from 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. The talk was delivered by Dr. Tina Roy, an alumna of PCER Chembur from the Batch of 2009-10.

Developing happiness modules was a part of Dr. Tina’s doctoral thesis and she has conducted several workshops which help a person enhance their happiness. She spoke to the audience about what happiness is and how one can enhance their level of happiness.

According to her, there are five ways to enhance happiness. They are 1) Actively seeking happiness 2) Giving oneself the permission to be human 3) Nurturing Relationships 4) Giving to others and 5) Expressing gratitude.

Dr. Tina encapsulated the major research findings on happiness and also added her experience from conducting Happiness classes and encouraged all participants to try following these steps.

This activity was conducted under SDG # 3: Good Health and Well Being and can be viewed at