Environmental Projects and Movements using Innovative Practices

PCER > Enrichment Program 2016-17 > Environmental Projects and Movements using Innovative Practices

The environmental education class wore a festive look as the S.Y. B.Ed. (2015-17) flung into action to bring to life topics on environmental projects and movements using innovative practices. The students were assigned topics – Ganga Action Plan, Tiger project, Ralegan Sidhi and Tarun Bharat movement. The innovative practices adopted by the students were Process Drama and Gallery Walk. The students were instructed on the steps of the practice and time was allotted for preparation of the same. The subject teacher Dr. Mary Devakumar only facilitated the students with the essentials of the content and the procedure of the practice. What emerged on the D day was an amalgamation of student creativity and enriched knowledge which a lecture method would fail to yield. The students enjoyed the planning and the conduction of the activity and agreed to the fact that knowledge and understanding doubles through the use of such new practices.