PCER > Enrichment Program 2019-20 > Creative Talks

S.Y. B.Ed. student teachers were oriented about the ‘Creative Talks’. The teacher educator gave a model creative talk to make them understand the intricacies of talks. A topic was chosen of personal interest. The purpose of it was that students express themselves best when some topic is close to their heart. Moreover the audience needs to gain some piece of advice from the talk so each one talks what they excel in. The time limit of the talk was 3-4 minutes.

This restriction of time will help to be concise and speak to the point. This will create interest in the class too because there will be a lot of variety with each speaker coming and sharing their views, expertise, concerns etc.

The entire process is video recorded and shown to the students. This helps in building up confidence. They rectify their errors and work upon being better and better next time. Second chance is given so that they sharpen and polish the earlier talk.